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Instacar is the pioneer of mobile app based car rental systems in Dubai. Our Self Service model of Rental booking and Smart Access through our mobile app gives better flexibility and independence to the customers, providing them with the option of instant bookings and hassle free access to Instacar’s parked across the city. There are no physical handover/paperwork associated with traditional car rental companies.

It is essentially a self-service model and does not involve any contact between customer & employee. All the available fleet is parked near to residential areas and commercial areas with high footfall across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and members can pick an Instacar from any the convenient location pinned on the Mobile app.

The car has to be reserved first, after which the member has to simply walk upto the car to “Start” the reservation and “Unlock” the car through the mobile app. The car key is placed in the Glove box, which the customer acquires, starts the ignition and drives like a normal car. Return of the car is also simple and the member has to just drop the car at the original location and then “End” the reservation on the App and walk away.

Members can choose from a diverse fleet, of 250 cars which are positioned across 35 locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Locations are picked on the basis of customer demand and preference, and such locations are continually improved and updated.

Since, its launch in November 2015 we have received highly positive feedback from the industry and the market, which is reflected in the membership base which has swelled to 5500 members and has enabled us to expand to Abu Dhabi. Our app and service has been featured on Insydo as one of the best Dubai based apps that solve everyday problems through smart technologies and Wamda as one of the startups to watch for.